Turning Points in Latin American History and Culture: From Colonization to the Cold War


FOCAL SKILLS AND DISPOSITIONS: Textual analysis & interpretation; Evaluating visual evidence; Developing empathy; Assessing claims and evidence

COURSE DATES: Oct. 23 - Nov. 19, 2019
PDPs/CREDITS: 22.5 PDPs; option for 1 graduate credit ($160 fee applies)

Partnership educators—no cost (other than fee for 1 graduate credit); Non-partnership educators—$400 (plus fee for 1 graduate credit)

Understanding the dynamism and challenges of Latin America today requires a grasp of key historical events and cultural shifts over the past few centuries. This online course is designed to introduce important events and legacies through multimedia approaches that make history and the arts vivid and explain what is distinctive about the region. We will explore the periods of colonialism, independence and the abolition of the slavery, revolution (with examples from Mexico and Cuba), and the Cold War, making use of case studies from different countries and bilingual primary sources. Sessions include readings, videos, scholar podcasts, classroom-friendly primary sources, featured web resources, and discussion forums for reflection. As part of the course, you will curate a Latin American resource collection for your classroom using a tool of your choosing.

This course will be offered completely online and will require a basic comfort level and interest in the use of computer technology as a medium for learning. The time for completing each week's work is approximately 4 hours.

Open to all K-12 educators.



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