Changing China: History & Culture Since 1644


FOCAL SKILLS AND DISPOSITIONS: Textual analysis & interpretation; Analyzing point of view & purpose; Communication; Developing empathy

DATES: Jan. 27 - Mar. 30, 2021
45 PDPs; 2 graduate credits ($320)
FEE: Partnership educators—no cost other than fee for 2 graduate credits; Non-partnership educators—$600 plus fee for 2 graduate credits.

ShanghaiWhat has driven the dramatic transformation of China over the past 350 years? What should students know about this economic and cultural powerhouse? The complex history of modern China and its unique place on the world stage will be the central focus for this online course, which will explore the period from the Qing Dynasty and the decline of dynastic China to the present day. In addition to the materials presented in our sourcebook China Since 1644: A History Through Primary Sources, this course will make use of readings, videos, and web-based resources to engage educators in some of the most current scholarship and thinking on China's development as a nation state. Topics will include the early republic, communist China, economic and political changes, internal migration, arts and literature, and China's future in an era of globalization.

This course will be offered completely online and will require a basic comfort level and interest in the use of computer technology as a medium for learning. Participants will receive China Since 1644: A History Through Primary Sources as course material, free with registration.

For educators of grades 6-12.



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