Common Core

Most states have adopted the Common Core State Standards for education in grades K to 12. These skills-based standards, which are internationally benchmarked, offer a vision for what students in the United States need to thrive in the world today. 

While the English Language Arts and Literacy standards do not prescribe particular content to teach, they contain explicit language supporting the inclusion of texts and perspectives from around the world. They require the grouping of texts to compare different viewpoints. They demand that students become media-literate and skilled at analyzing texts through close-reading and inquiry, for only with these flexible tools will students be ready to make sense of the world around them. From reading the standards, the logical conclusion is that it is difficult to teach them without teaching more globally.

At Primary Source, we believe that the Common Core presents educators with a fresh opportunity to transform curriculum and "go global" — and we are prepared to help. Our rich professional development programs and curriculum are designed to develop educators' global competencies and cultural proficiency. Participants leave our courses with deeper knowledge and confidence along with the resources and strategies they need to build global-mindedness alongside core skills.



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