The Enduring Legacy of Ancient China


FOCAL SKILLS AND DISPOSITIONS: Textual analysis & interpretation; Evaluating visual evidence; Developing cross-cutural sensitivity

COURSE DATES: June 14 - August 8, 2017
45 PDPs; 2 graduate credits
FEE: Partnership educators—no cost other than fee for 2 graduate credits; Non-partnership educators—$600 plus fee for 2 graduate credits.

In this engaging online course, we explore the long period from the emergence of China's earliest civilizations to the end of the dynastic phase in 1911, with a focus on the remarkable richness and endurance of Chinese civilization. Topics include geography, belief systems, the arts, and China's relationship with the world. Drawing from the most current scholarship, course work features supplemental readings, scholar podcasts, and web-based activities that give you the opportunity to explore student-friendly tools and resources.

This course will be offered completely online and will require a basic comfort level and interest in the use of computer technology as a medium for learning. The time for completing each week's work is approximately 3-5 hours. Participants will receive The Enduring Legacy of Ancient China as course material, free with registration.

Open to all K-12 educators.



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