Donor Spotlight: Meet Anne Covert

15 March 2015

Anne CovertLongtime supporter Anne Covert first heard about Primary Source in the early 90s from the living room of co-founder and close friend Anna Roelofs. The organization was just getting off the ground at that time and soon to be moving into the first of its many future homes. But on that day, it still populated much of Anna's living room. "Anna's love of social studies and her desire to help teachers really drew me in," said Anne. "I knew I wanted to help in any way I could."

For this reason, Anne gave more than just her philanthropic dollars. She began volunteering in the library and helping facilitate weekend courses. Having avoided history classes in high school, Anne got a taste for how exciting classrooms could be. "I witnessed such a high level of teacher support, and such interesting connections being made across civilizations. I never got that in high school," said Anne. "Through volunteering, I saw firsthand how compelling a Primary Source course could be."

Sitting in on seminars over the years and attending Primary Source events have given Anne the opportunity to watch the organization grow. "I have always admired how well Anna and Anne [Watt] complemented one another," she said, "You knew that the enthusiasm they generated in programs was heading straight back to the classroom." Attending the Primary Source 25th Anniversary Celebration and hearing [Massachusetts Teacher of the Year] Jeff Shea speak confirmed for Anne that Primary Source's mission to advance global education in schools continues to make a huge impact in the lives of educators.

These days, Anne doesn't have the opportunity to volunteer as much as she'd like, but her continued giving is a reflection of her desire to stay involved with Primary Source. "Supporting Anna's dream has always been important to me," she says. "But knowing that Primary Source continues to open the minds of teachers and their students every day makes my giving choice easy."



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