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14 December 2016

As leaders in the field of global and cultural education, we are known for work that is purposeful and intentional, and that moves the field forward.  But, we asked ourselves, how can we give it more context and shape, so our mission can be shared at a broader level?  What is it that is leading us forward, and what are we hoping to achieve?

After many discussions, we articulated core beliefs based upon our foundational values, and we are excited to present them here.  These beliefs are the guiding force behind our work:

  1.  We believe that all children have the right to a higJapan-programh quality education, where they learn about diverse cultures, discover global connections, and appreciate multiple perspectives.
  2. We believe that working with teachers is the most effective way to ensure that all students receive a high quality education.
  3. We believe that schools should prepare students with skills to work together, combat stereotypes, face global challenges, and create a more just world.
  4. We believe that global education can be integrated across all disciplines.
  5. We know that Primary Source empowers educators to reach their utmost potential and ensures that all children will thrive in our interconnected world.

Every day Primary Source works to bring these beliefs closer to reality.  Each program we offer provides teachers with pedagogical skills and rich content –on cultural competency in our schools and communities, the Middle East, Africa, China, Japan, globalizing STEM, geography, climate change and the environment, and so much more.  Our reliable, vetted, current, and fact-based support gives teachers the knowledge, skills, and confidence to teach globally and to engage in difficult conversations about culture, race, and identity.

Approximately 3,000 teachers participate in our programs every year.  We estimate that every teacher effects the learning of about 60 students per year, meaning that 180,000 students benefit from Primary Source annually.

We are very proud of all that we have accomplished in our 28-year history, and stand firm in our commitment to our core beliefs.  However, we must do more to continue innovating and reaching more educators.  Global and cultural competency is a fundamental need of all citizens, but implementing and scaling this vision requires support.  Please consider taking action. Invest in Primary Source to invest in a knowledgeable citizenry!

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