The Common Core: Getting There Globally

30 May 2012

Looking for ways to integrate the study of world cultures and histories into your curriculum while meeting Common Core State Standards? Primary Source Program Director Elizabeth Howald recently wrote a guest post for the EdWeek Global Learning blog. In it, she shares ideas and resources designed to support the development of globally aware students.

From the post:
"The authors of the Common Core State Standards clearly view global awareness as an essential feature of college and career readiness. The standards explicitly call for students to learn about global histories and cultures through literature and informational texts from across genres, eras, and world regions.

… For many educators, the idea of teaching global literature is not new. Teachers might have already incorporated global folktales, myths, poetry, plays, or works of fiction into their teaching. However, the mandate to integrate informational texts and literary nonfiction can be more daunting. Luckily, the Common Core definition of "informational text" is broad, including (but not limited to) biographies, memoir, technical texts, graphs and charts, speeches, essays, opinion pieces, and digital sources such as blogs. Read more



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