Primary Source announces Building Global Schools Toolkit

7 December 2017


For almost three decades, Primary Source has prepared educators to shape school practices that are more globally-oriented and culturally responsive. Along the way, we have learned so much from teachers and administrators who are trying to implement such changes! The Building Global Schools Toolkit, a newly-developed resource from Primary Source, captures our understanding of how schools can do this, on a practical level. What are exemplary practices that global schools adopt? What domains of practice should educators consider, since not all global and cultural learning happens in the classroom? How can schools get started, or move forward meaningfully? What are some guiding questions for educators to bear in mind as they outline steps for globalizing their schools?

Our hope is that these thoughtfully designed documents, rich in content, will prove useful to school districts across the country. Many school leaders and teacher-leaders have endorsed global learning and then asked us, “But how?” The Building Global Schools Toolkit represents part of our answer, the part that we can write down and share. We invite educators, supporters, nonprofits and other institutions to share them widely, for we believe these documents represent an important contribution to the field of global learning.

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